Essay about sports day in school

Essay about sports day in school

Some teachers believe that physical education is a very important subject to children. Probably, that is why we have PE lessons in schools, which are mandatory to visit. Other think that such lessons should only be optional because not everyone is equally good at sport.
There are a few arguments if we should create extra sports days at schools. Some parents think it’s important for their children to do extra sport, while others strongly disagree.

Personally I think that it‘s very important for youth to have a possibility to attend sport days in school. Not everyone has possibility to pay for such classes in fitness centers or to do exercise with personal trainer. However, it is important for everyone to have free excess to sport. In improves immune system, make children more resistant to various diseases and make them more productive. Of course, I should mention that it’s crucial for young generation to be slim and sporty.

At the same time you can improve your body without boring exercises, but playing interesting games or choosing the activity you personally will like. That what differs sport days from usual PE lessons.

On the contrary, sport lessons can’t be good for self-esteem of particular group of children. If a person is not good at sport, there is a high possibility that classmates can react in a negative way, make bad jokes and humiliate that person. Not everyone jump, run and play volleyball good enough, in school that may be a reason for abuse.

In conclusion, I would like to say that extra curriculum sport days should be essential part of the school life. Of course, not everyone is equally good at sport. But not everyone is equally good at other subjects as well, but it has never been an excuse to not attend them. Anyway, I’m absolutely sure that sport days will help many children to become stronger, raise their self-esteem and be more energetic in a daily life.

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