Essay about sports day

Essay about sports day

Becoming famous or sports day in my College

Like many progressive people today, I like sport activities. I’ll tell you more – I adore them!
I know that sports temper the human’s character, because I take my karate classes, where every day I need to win, or someone will defeat me.

The sports day, which is held in our College annually, was organized last year on December 14. The sports hall of the College was tastefully decorated with flags and balloons.
For the students there were organized relay races, wrestling, basketball, football, tennis, and so on.
We also took part in joke competitions, for example, running in bags, passing through the bar, which goes lower and lower, even competitions for ingenuity!

All students were divided into 5 teams. Our team with the symbol of a Tiger – won unanimously! I really helped our guys and won in many competitions, because I was in a good shape and physically strong.
The adults – our strictest judges – haven’t get bored, competitions were also organized for them. Many of my friends came to cheer for our team.

Our coach held all the events, other teachers helped him. We competed from 10 am to 4:30 pm, and despite it was a serious work, we all had a lot of fun. We were supported very strongly by a team of cheer-leaders – our College girls, thank them for it!
We were awarded medals and a Winner Cup. The rest of non-winners certificates of participation in competitions were given.
At 5:00 in the evening the Principal of our College took a closing speech in which he thanked all the organizers and participants for the wonderful holiday for the revealed talents and was glad that we were friendly, funny and athletic. He was greeted by students, parents and all teachers. The next day he declared a day off, and we were very happy about it.
As a result of this day, I returned home with five medals and am very proud of myself, just like my parents.

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