Essay about sports importance

Essay about sports importance

Essay about sport’s importance
Do you remember yourself in a high school? No doubt you were a member of a football or dance team. Upon graduation many people give up sport and have a sedentary lifestyle. However, sport is a very important thing and it is worth being involved in it. So what is the role of sport in our lives?

Playing sports benefits a person in many ways. The first association that comes to our minds is that playing sports keeps our body fit, strong and healthy. Who does not want to look taut and solid? Both diet and sport play a big role in our ability to control and lose weight. Active people are healthier, because physical activity strengthens cardiac muscle, boosts both the immune system and blood oxygen saturation. It is a chance to live longer: regular physical activity reduces risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Secondly, sport develops healthy socializing. One study demonstrated that children who play sports are less prone to drugs, smoke or alcohol addictions. Both teenagers and adults can spend active time with peers and improve their social skills. Sport also teaches people how to work in a team, accept defeat and respect teammates and opponents.

Moreover, playing sports makes people smarter and happier, no matter the age. Scientists have found that a specific molecule released during physical activity improves our concentration and lowers risks of brain degeneration. It is also known that sport and other physical activity make our body produce endorphins – brain chemicals that fight with stress and pain, so we feel and sleep better.

In conclusion it is necessary to repeat that sport is very important to us. It is the cheapest and easiest way to stay healthy, smart and happy. Sport teaches you life lessons: how to deal with people, work in a team and many other useful things. So what are you waiting for? Play a sport, join a team and your body and mood will thank you.

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