Essay about sports

Essay about sports

Essay Sports
Sports interest people not less than science, culture, music and travelling. It’s a good topic for discussion, though not all people like doing and going in for sports. Sport keeps us fit, joining in special groups of sportsmen or fans. During big sport contests thousands of spectators watch their favourites. For holding olympiads, championships huge stadiums are designed and built.

Sports are classified into kinds. There are many dangerous ones as well. Swimming, ball games, running and others are very popular. They have innumerable fans among children and adults. Movement, breathing exercises, physical loading improve person’s health and mood. Musculs are in a tone, body is slim. Running makes blood-circulation better, ball games develop reaction. One of the most beautiful kinds of sports is figure-skating. It can be called real art. Especially perfect perfomance is shown when a couple of sportsmen, a man and a woman, dance on the ice.

The most famous is football. It’s been practising by small boys, teenagers and adults all over the world. Soccer won the first place in the rate list, because people support their teams and follow matches. While playing footballers gather masses of males and females on the stands. The noise and excitement fill everywhere, colossal agitation is transmitted to each observer.

Sports attract young and old people. Occupied with these activities nobody has got time to do something bad – for example, drink alcohol or take drugs. Society becomes busy, physical training causes healthy mind. Serious enthusiasm on any sport gives people courage, endurance. It teaches to set goals and reach them. In general the thing influences on the character, too. The inside mood gets integrity, collecting useful resources of organism to resist illnesses and difficulties.

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  1. Sport plays a big role in people’s lives. He strengthens health, educates character, makes a person strong and hardy, hardens the body. In addition, it seems to me that doing sports raises the mood.

  2. to the sport people need to be taught from the very childhood. sports, healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle raise a person to the height of life’s journey. it becomes powerful. Sport is important, you can not disagree with you

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