Essay about sportsmanship

Essay about sportsmanship

‘If we wait until we are ready. We will be waiting for the rest of our lives.’ I believe this quote drives the most famous Olympic champions to the golden medals. The hard work and an extremely strong willpower determine their way to the success.
Many people do sport in their daily lives, because it helps to develop physical fitness and stay healthy and attractive. But can exercises ruin your health?

In my opinion, in many cases sport can be harmful for human’s health. If you do too much sport you feel depressed and exhausted. Professional sportsman need to train days and nights to achieve great results. They always feel pressure and see the high standards they need to follow. They do harm to their health but continue working to reach new peaks. After some time they start to forget why they have started this journey and they life become one big routine. In my opinion, this is the only way to become a true master in something, and sport is not exclusion.

Secondly, professional sport always goes together with various traumas. Sportsmen often get injures, which sometimes require a long period of recovery. At some cases it’s necessary even to make a surgery. Some master will never return to the profession again. Because of all this reasons sportsmen go on pension too early. Some of them do not even turn 40 when their career is finished.
But in spite of all these dangers, many people still dream about making career in sport. The perspective to become a Champion, present your country on global contests, achieve unbelievable results break existing records motivates many people to start a career in sport. And only 1% of these dreamers reach a real success.

To conclude, it’ is generally well-known that big-time career in sports gives a person fame and world appreciation. But all these benefits walk together with health problems, 16 hours trainings and illusionary perspective of being successful. The one thing everyone should remember is that no one can reach top goals without hard work and persistence.

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