Essay about students

Essay about students

Essay about students
There is no better period of time than college life. One of the main event in our life is enrollment in the university. This stage of progress in our life brings a lot of joy, new experience and new friends. This is also a good reason to consider ourselves as mature persons. 

First thing that you have to do to enter the university is to pass entrance exams. After passing, you can be proudly called as a first-year student or a freshman. This is the moment when the merry-go-round begins.

There are plenty of office stuff such as rector, deans, vice-rectors, tutors and so on that you should learn by names. It is boring but important. After a solemn ceremony you officially become a first-year student.

Further, your responsibility is to visit lecture, tutorials and seminars. During lections, you are supposed to write a synopsis, which help you to prepare for exams. If you can’t deal with the work you have got in college, you start getting behind for sure. This is not good, because you won’t get good points which can lead to expelling. When semester goes to its end, a real feast begins. Endless parties and meetings can drive you crazy, but this is a normal pace of a student life.

Living in a dormitory makes you independent. You have to cook and wash your clothes on your own. This is a good school of life, which will help you in the future. In addition, you may find a part-time job in order to earn some money for yourself or for studying.

Those who have passed all exams can enjoy a holiday, which are so desired. And then everything starts all over again – assignments, synopses, laboratory works and so on. Preparing for exams. Junior students become senior. All of them are good friends and like a one happy family.

In a few years, if you want to upgrade your professional skills you may continue your education. And the marry-go-round runs again and again.

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