Essay about study in college

Essay about study in college

Most of the youngsters after completing their school study apply for college. But often they do it for different reasons. There are kids whose parents told them to do so, not even asking for their opinion. And there are kids who consciously chose a place to study and follow their dreams no matter what.

But in any case college can be not only extremely useful for adult life, but also very fun.
First of all, studying in college allows one to meet new people, make useful connections, and socialize. I find it very interesting making new friends, sharing our hobbies and dreams. If it is a world known college, there’s a great chance that its students would come from different parts of the world. That would lead to cultural exchange which is not only useful but also very interesting!

College knowledge can help a young person get a good job in the future, with decent salary and in a respected company. Often even professors in college help their brightest students with future employment.

College life prepares one for adult life like any other activity. You learn how to live apart from your parents, communicate with people and depend only on yourself. These skills are crucial when it comes to actually going out to adult world. Not to mention that things you learn in college make you not just a great professional, but broaden your mind and make more intellectual interlocutor.
On the contrary sometimes studying can be stressful, especially if you don’t properly plan your time and neglect having a day schedule. Also it can be a bit scary to finally getting to live on your own for some students.

But all in all most people remember their college times with a smile on their faces, saying that those days were the best in their lives. I think it is up to students to make them so by choosing that college that suits them best.

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