Essay about study tips

Essay about study tips

Study tips

Almost every person on our planet goes to school and university. It’s really important to get educaton nowadays because your future salary depends on it. There are a lot of high-paid jobs but all of them require a lot of knowledges. It’s not easy to graduate from school or university, so there are some tips which can help you:

1. Sleep not less than 8 hours. It may sound obviously but it’s really important. If you don’t sleep enough then you fell tired all thr time and you can’t concentrate. Also it’s bad for your health and especially for brain.
2. Don’t drink a lot of coffee. When you drink it, you don’t feel more energetic, you just can’t sleep. But you are still tired and it’s still hard to learn. Coffee is bad for your heart, it can be a cause of heart diseases.
3. Start preparing for exams one week before or earlier. It’s much easier to learn everything step by step so that you can understand the information and remember it. If you start preparing one day before, you won’t remember anything.
4. Find more information in the internet. When you don’t understand anything or just want to know more about any topic, just use the internet. You can find a lot of video-lessons and a lot of books about your topic.
5. If you want to learn something but can’t remember it – use flesh-cards. You write all you want on them and put them all over your house. You will look at them from time to time and you will remember everything.

Studying is hard but I hope that this advice would help you.

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