Essay about study tour

Essay about study tour

Study tour
Travelling is one of the most exciting and informative ways to explore the world around us. It broadens a person’s mind and allows making an overall impression of how people in different countries live and perceive the reality. Young people and especially students are always curious about what happens around them, no matter how far, so a study tour to another country is a great opportunity for them to fulfill their thirst for knowledge and know more about their foreign mates.

Nowadays there are many opportunities for both students and adults to join a study tour program in countries all over the world. The activities usually include educational events such as classes at schools, meetings with the members of local community and some special recreational occasions.

Before booking a tour for individual or a group it is very important to carefully examine all the conditions provided by the receiving part. As a rule, they can be found on the responsible authority’s website. For some programs a good or excellent academical progress is a must for a student. Grown-ups interested in a country’s educational system can also apply for a special tour, if provided.

The amount of financial support of successful candidates varies from program to program. Usually a person may count on free accommodation and meals, all the costs of tour’s events are also a responsibility of the host. Transportation expenses may be partly or completely refundable, participants can also count on free entering visas.

In the world of developed communication technologies it is more than necessary to build relations with foreigners considering not only their words and actions, but also the cultural, economical and political environment they live in. Study tours on this purpose provide a great chance to connect people regardless of how different they could be, or just seem to be.

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