Essay about study

Essay about study

Essay study
A big progress of humanity since the centiries of wars and fight for territory is studying. As long as people understood that illiteracy is darkness they began to share experience and knowledge with young ones. The life is too short, that’s why they need to transfer information from hands to hands. First shools were primitive. One tutor was surrounded by a group of volunteers who wanted to listen to the wise person. The process reminded of a kind of a conversation, consisting of questions and answers.

The universe was full of mysteries, so people were interested in finding out what it was made of, which powers rule the nature and how to use the laws of the world. Brave explorers and thinkers tried to percieve the enigma of life. As a result of their works, a lot of facts appeared. Today we know how ancient tribes lived or how to invent the electric bulb. All these resources have been collected along hundreds of years. People devoted their time and even lives to studies, they went abroad to learn more, contributed to the world history.

It was and it is cool to be educated. If you can do many things you can conquer the universe. In the eyes of the others you rise to the top, getting respect and admiration. Studies should start when the child is small, because of his excellent memory and the skill to digest information. At schools different subjects are taught to widen the horizon. Then students choose the direction, which is closer to their mind and soul. Everybody needs to eat. But how can we earn money without job, and how can we work without knowledge? As we see studying is one of the main fields we have to think of.

Studying opens before us doors to the great future. We’ll be able to organize our lives like we want, help the rest, enrich the inner world, show children the ways they can apply their own possibilities.

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