Essay about studying abroad

Essay about studying abroad

Most of the young people nowadays, when thinking about the college, want to study somewhere in Europe. It is a common belief that European education is among best in the world. However, some people would argue that high education in North America is pretty much on the same level. In any case, most students tend to educational immigration. But what is it that attracts them so much?

First of all, with getting Master’s degree in a respected European on American (let’s say one from the Ivy League) college automatically multiplies chances of one to get a well-paid job. Old educational facilities like Harvard or Cambridge have a certain reputation and their alumni are often treated regarding that reputation.

Secondly – connections. Usually colleges like mentioned above attract people from different countries and different nationalities. It allows one to make friends from all around the world, which eventually could also help on the professional field. Not to mention that cultural exchange is also very fascinating.

Thirdly, studying abroad broadens your mind. You will have to adjust to different country, its traditions and culture. In many ways it is quite educational by itself. And isn’t it great meeting new people and tell them all about your country?
On the contrary you could easily get homesick, you probably won’t be able to see your family as often as you would like to, so before moving to another country to study you have to carefully weight it all out.

All in all, studying abroad has lots of benefits as well as disadvantages, so one must carefully go through it all before making the final decision. Personally, I think that moving for study to another country, does not matter which one, is fascinating and helps a lot with getting a good job in the future as well as making new friends and social connections.

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