Essay about teacher

Essay about teacher

Essay teacher

When a baby is born he knows nothing about the world. He gets impressions of what he sees around and needs the guidance of grown-ups. This is called teaching. And the teacher is a person who explains or shows how to fulfill something. Our first teachers are parents. From the first steps they take care of us, trying to give full information about the environment. Children ask too much questions. They want to know everything – why it’s cold in winter, where Santa Claus lives, how the ice-cream is made etc. Parents have to answer them all to satisfy the kids’ curiosity. In fact, adults explain that we shouldn’t touch hot things in order not to burn arms, or we can cross the road to the green light.

As the child grows up he is thirsty for knowledge and talks with mother and father aren’t enough. That’s why schools were invented. There young people can learn many interesting subjects. The figure of a teacher is very important for teenagers. The teacher has a big influence on students. His words are heard and followed. In the majority of cases the teacher is a significant person in the life of his pupils. They respect him or her, their hearts are open to their tutor. Of course, it depends on the teacher if he has a high prestige among the students. Good teachers always see good attitude from kids. It refers not only to the disciplines, but the behavior of the teacher: whether he gets on well with auditorium, allows the students to take liberties.

When the individual is formed it doesn’t mean that the studying process has been finished. The person goes on perceiving the life, he continues to learn. Here we can encounter a new kind of teachers. They’re people close to us. In various situations we can understand that they teach how to accept difficulties or overcome obstacles. Therefore be attentive, even younger ones can give us a lesson.

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