Essay about teachers day

Essay about teachers day

Teacher’s day is that special time of the year when we cherish and celebrate the existing of one of the noblest professions in our society and its representatives – teachers. These are the people who, beside our parents, take care of us when we’re little, teach us all the things we need to know in life and genuinely worry about our fails and success. 

There are so many ways to congratulate teachers on this day. It’s a common practice that students take their responsibilities for one day and teach other, younger kids. Not only it’s a great way to show appreciation to their efforts, but also a good practice for kids to step into teachers’ shoes and see how it feels like to be one.

Another common present for teachers on this day is throwing a concert. Talented kids gather together and show their skills to the audience. It could be pretty much anything – dancing, singing, magic tricks or any other sort of talent. In this case the effort is appreciated more than the actual level of the skill.
Sometimes parents decide to buy teachers some presents. The most common variant are day planners, notebooks and other stationary products. I think that it would be so much more fun to present teachers with some activity experience. Let’s say concert tickets or time in the bowling club.

In any case it is important to show teachers on this day that their work really matters and is appreciated by all students and their parents. Way of showing that not necessarily has to be expensive, I guess the amount of effort put into the present should be appreciated way more. Even just saying a simple “Thank you” is already a great present, as it shows to the teacher that all the work he’s done, all the hours he spent trying to teach someone something important, finally paid off. And there is no better feeling, than knowing, that your job actually makes the world better.

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