Essay about teachers in english

Essay about teachers in english

I believe, that teachers are second most important people in our lives after our parents. These are the people we owe our educational skills to. From the kindergarten teachers play an important role in our lives – they socialize us.

I would say that a good teacher must have at least these two obligatory qualities: being inspirational and an interesting storyteller. Some people would disagree with me, saying that prior to those skills must be an expert level of those who want to become a teacher. But I am sure, that the key to learning is always a good motivation. And if teacher can’t motivate a student then no matter how smart and qualified he is, he can’t serve his main purpose – knowledge transferring.

During my time being a student at different educational institutions I met a lot of teachers. Some of them were truly fantastic and made such a huge impact on my life! I believe that this job takes a lot of patience and those, who want to become a teacher, must be really great at psychology. Finding different approach to every student is very important, especially nowadays, when children’s personality is put as number one priority.

Before entering the classroom any teacher must leave his emotional baggage behind the doors. To me that’s a sign of a high level professionalism. Children should not experience any discomfort because of the teacher’s bad mood or any kind of personal problems.

I believe, that being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs ever. You have to put an enormous amount of effort into what you do and sometimes it doesn’t even pay off. But when it does it is truly the best feeling, realizing, that you’re bringing something good into this world by educating young minds. That is when you realize that all the hard work you’ve put into your profession was absolutely worth it.

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