Essay about technology advantages and disadvantages

Essay about technology advantages and disadvantages

Essay about technology advantages and disadvantages
Nowadays we don’t even notice how technologies get this far. It is a usual thing to see a car on the road or a plane up in the sky. No doubt that it is changing every day. We can’t even imagine our life without simple technologies. They definitely make our life easier, but ironically there are a lot of disadvantages too.

To begin with, we should recollect some advantages. The first one is considered as the main. Technologies make our life simpler. Our personal computer makes calculations and other difficult things which helps to save time. Moreover, it is a usual thing to implant different parts of organs with mechanical parts. It saves our lives too.

From the other side, we adjust to it very strong. What would you do if your coffee grinder or a toaster disappear all of a sudden? Just imagine what a mess would start, if the Internet no longer existed. The majority will die without electricity. Technological progress gives us new possibilities, but abolishes all the contacts with nature at the same time. We are not supposed even think now. Our computer will cope with every task in no time.

That is why the amount of people who have Alzheimer’s or other mental diseases. We can replace normal relationships with communication on the Internet or normal social relations with social networks. Developing of technologies leads to natural disasters. The amount of earthquake, floods and hurricanes has increased in recent years.
There is no straight answer whether technologies are good or not. Everyone can find here something useful. But we shouldn’t forget that excessive use of new technologies may lead to deterioration of our skills and mental activity.

Everyone decides on his own how to use new technologies. But don’t forget that we were born in harmony with nature, which suffers because of our inventions.

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