Essay about technology and communication

Essay about technology and communication

Essay about technology and communication
Technology has entered our lives as strong as natural instincts. Today nobody can do without phones, computers, devices and internet. Modern society is crazy about new inventions, gadgets, because they think these things make their being more comfortable. Of course it’s convenient to download music, find information or talk to somebody on the cell phone simultaneously.

We can’t argue that technical progress is the determinative aspect in the development of the human race. Virtual reality made possible to see, hear, feel items that actually don’t exist. They’re all fruits of our imagination. With the help of special effects people create techno stuff, which attracts adults and children. Putting on the glasses you can visit different worlds: water world, ancient times where dinosaurs accompany you during the trip. You can also fly, jump with a parachute and do other extremal sports.

Internet abilities shouldn’t even be compared with anything else. The net consists of uncountable number of books, informative origins, works of famous scientists. If you need you may get any facts for several minutes or seconds – it depends on the speed of your server. The youth uses technology in various spheres: while fulfilling jobs, searching for the necessary information and for communication. Social nets allow guys and girls to post photos, share their opinions and experience, get acquainted. This is the way how people begin to look for an appropriate match.

A disadvantage is the passion of people to their portative technics. They don’t like being disturbed, they prefer glancing at the screen of the phone or the laptop. Computer games as well spoil children’s minds. That’s why there should be a limit of spending time near PC, mobiles. It’s difficult to do, though.

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