Essay about technology and society

Essay about technology and society

Essay about technology and society
Modern society is spoilt, because all technological devices can be available to people for less money than it was several years ago. Men and women used to wait until their turn comes to have something. Now you may go to the store and buy whatever you want if you’ve got money. A lot of gadgets serve us to help in work. We play computer games, do the shopping on-line. It’s not frightening when some of your family or friends move to another city.

In this case you can talk to each other on internet with the help of special programs. For example Skype. It is coming in fashion to make friends with foreigners in order to practice speaking skills. This method really works, when you chat to native speaker you have a useful experience and hear a right accent.

Society enjoys a lot of conveniences. Systems become automatic. Even salaries are taken from cashpoints. You just press some buttons and here you are – you get your cash. Machines make, count, correct, improve everything we want. This is the era of technologies and scientific progress. The 21st century is the time where the most brave ideas are brought to life. Children grow up being educated better, because they have more opportunities to study and know. On one hand technology is a great aid. Clicking on sites we get information about all questions we are interested in. And on the other hand it brings problems.

In internet there are many bad examples to follow. Girls and boys get in danger while looking at somebody’s appearance or behavior. They try to be similar to their idols forgetting who they really are. In these situations consequences can differ. We can see unlucky end when people loose control and destroy themselves from inside. Permissiveness has disadvantages. We need to support our close people if they have such problems and give them advices to obtain harmony in heart.

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