Essay about technology development

Essay about technology development

Essay about technology development
People use all advantages of technologies during last years. At this time almost each person has a mobile, many of humans can work on computer, a lot of companies demand the knowledge of IT before employing personnel. Big countries spend big amounts of money onto new elaborations in a furious race trying to increase the pace.

Weapons are created. They show the power of a state. It’s dangerous for citizens, though. Modern bank systems have got locks which are based on advanced technologies of defense. Despite of it hackers manage to hack them using other cyber codes and programs.

Development of technologies is one of the important fields which is financed by international organizations. Not only military arsenal needs contribution. Information teleported to different recipients requires technological equipment. It includes various devices, sets, sensors. They cost much and should be kept in order and readiness. Technics became a profitable business for those who can sell it. Top managers specializing in this kind of goods earn money that can be compared with hundreds of wages of a normal clerk’s salary. So, their occupation brings big incomings.

Scientists work hard on the creation of secret arms, technologies to rule enormous net of different systems, as security, analyses. When their projects are well financed there is a result. Inventions are tested and applied according to their purposes. If we are asked whether the development should go on, the answer is affirmative. Within the negative aspects the technology has many useful ones. These discoveries usually help us study, do the jobs, find information, keep in touch with each other. Depending on the goals they can give a great benefit to the whole humanity, improving ecological state, health care, children upbringing.

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