Essay about technology in education

Essay about technology in education

Education is a big part of our lives. At least ten years of it we spend behind the desk, listening to what the teacher is trying to tell us. As years go by educational system is trying to adjust to all the changes in the outer world. Lately its adjustment mostly consists of bringing the technologies into the learning process.

Probably all modern schools now have computers and some interactive equipment. I wouldn’t lie, this allows to make the study process a lot easier and fun. And making it enjoyable for kids is very important, as they only will learn something for real if they personally are interested in doing it. So using all those kinds of equipment allows teachers illustrate the lesson better, make it more understandable.

If we would talk about university, nowadays a huge amount of students use PowerPoint presentations when they present any kind of homework. It allows them to highlight the main ideas and make their point more understandable.
Also modern technologies help us a lot during our school days when it comes to searching the information. Fifty years back students would have to go to the library and hope that the book they need is there. Today all we need to do is press a few buttons and we would get access to millions of sources regarding our topic. That is very convenient I must admit.

But technologies also made students’ life a bit harder. Nowadays most of the assignments are being run through special anti-plagiarism programs that are able to show whether or not the work is original. From one point of view that teaches students responsibility, but on the other – it became a lot harder to get a good grade.

All in all technologies are now are huge and I would even say essential part of the educational process. And we should do our best to adjust to it. As well as teachers and lectors, to whom it is a bit harder to let the technologies into their lives.

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