Essay about technology in the future

Essay about technology in the future

Essay about technology in the future
Sometimes the dreamers create films, tales or songs about the future, which waits for the humanity. In the plot technology is developed in huge sizes. There robotics, machines are presented as usual items of every day life. We are sure, that the progress will offer new inventions. These devices are designed to make our duties and work easier, to entertain us, to increase the speed of different functions and processes.

We suppose scientists will build a kind of time machine which will be able to transfer people to different points. Also the flying objects like cars will take passengers to opposite sides for a short period of time. As we see the plans are grandiose.

Now the humanity tries to find ways to launch automobiles on natural fuel. This material has to replace petrol and gas that destroy the lay of the atmosphere and poison the air. They have been elaborated, but tycoons whose business brings a lot of money don’t let safe technologies come into mass usage. Although they aren’t expensive, we should make efforts to change harmful fuel onto the safe one. It will protect ecology, healthy environment. Actually many projects are on the stage of preparation, because the works need to be financed. When the research is stopped nothing can advance.

The future draws us attractive pictures. As today we have a lot of technic things, sometime later there will appear more. For the first turn – robots. They will fulfill our housework, gardening, cleaning, washing. Intellectual machines will even look after kids, giving people more free time. Maybe it’s good, but it will threaten the humanity with becoming lazy. And if we won’t work hard we will degrade. Anyway, it’s inevitable. We will have the future full of technology. It’s important to use it in a right way and for good purposes.

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