Essay about technology today

Essay about technology today

Have you ever thought what a wonderful time we live in? Twenty first century brought us so many opportunities, opened up a million new experiences, not available before. Modern technology is something worth truly admiring. And it only just started developing!
Probably my favorite technological creation is Internet.

Years ago, we could not even dream of something like this. We never thought that it would be possible to talk to someone on the other side of the world like they are in our room. Internet opened up a whole new world for us – it became a true savior when it comes to looking for a job. Now even disabled people can have as big of an income as those, who have zero health problems.

Speaking of disabled people, modern technologies have made their lives a lot easier. For example, those, who lack limbs can now have robotic arms and legs that work even better than actual body parts. A hundred years ago a paralyzed person would have to lie in bed all day and now, using the special robotic skeleton, he can walk down the streets. Isn’t that amazing?

Technologies changed our lives, there is no doubt about that. Most people would say these changes are for the best, but I disagree with that statement on one point. Sure, it is easier for us to do our jobs and live our lives in general, but I think that we’re getting way too dependent on the technology. If it disappeared for one day we would become completely helpless, not being able to adapt to the outside world.

So basically, my point here is that we should be thankful to technologies for all the amazing things it has brought into our lives. But at the same time we mustn’t forget about living in the “real” world and should not rely everything on our gadgets and machines. I would say that we should find some sort of a balance between technological reality and the actual world we live in.

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