Essay about teenager

Essay about teenager

Essay about teenager
Teenagers are a special category of people, they are maximalists. Young guys think that everything is possible, that there’s not anything they can’t achieve. They’re courageous and fearless. At the same time girls and boys have got many problems. They suffer from the inferiority complex, can’t differ good from bad because of the lack of experience.

They need the help of grown-ups. So when parents see their children are depressed they shouldn’t be indifferent. This age is dangerous, their minds are able to work out a lot of information. And who can guarantee that the new knowledge doesn’t harm?

Young people fall in love for the first time in their teens. It is their first experience in relatioship sphere. If they don’t get an answer from the beloved people they are disappointed and emotionally broken. Some of them even want to commit a suicide, because they think the life is over. Here must be someone who will support them, explaining that the effect of pain will finish and in the future they will find the true match.

Problems at school are obligatory. They accompany all pupils. Classmates can moke, bully, press on a weaker boy or girl. Resist means to understand these period is temporary. If the teenager has a friend he can defend himself. Mother, father, comarade can play an important role in the life of the children. Their love, care, participation help more than anything else. If you have an opportunity to share your grief and joy with close people you may consider yourself lucky.

Growing-up process brings a lot of feelings. They may be happy or sad. It’s normal, though. Before become an adult the teenager passes all stages, from first teachers until entering university. During this time the person ripens, getting ready and mature to make great decisions in his further life.

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