Essay about the giant panda

Essay about the giant panda

Everybody has heard about the giant panda, as it’s one of the cutest animal in any zoo in the world. It’s also called «panda bear » and « big bear cat ». In fact, they are much-loved animal in some countries. China is a great example of real respect to our little friends. Pandas are not only likable showpiece but they are the actual nation symbol. Happily in 2014 the panda stopped being endangered because of their population had unbelievably increased. Now they are in the “vulnerable” status. Some specialists say it’s an amazing breakthrough for this certain species.

It’s necessary to mention that there are a few Research and Conservation Centers for the Giant Panda in China. Clearly it produced results regarding the right to live.
What’s the reason to think that this bear is a panda? It must look like a black-eyed polar bear with black socks and a harness on its chest and back. No doubt you will also see a bamboo tree hereabouts.

Despite the fact many people think pandas are not predators you may be sure they are. Living in the wild the black-eyed cuties can eat meat! For example, birds or any other small animals. Eating honey, fruits, shrub leaves is also a normal phenomenon for giant panda.
It would be unfair not to mention the fact giant pandas are one of the laziest bear. Despite pandas’ laziness they are not afraid of the frost and can easily hunt for bamboo even under the snow.

Uncommon poses are everything for giant pandas. It seems they are so popular because of these strange habit to sit like a man. Moreover, this bear uses unique way to communicate. The smell is a pandas’ language. Pheromones come out with the sweat and this feature helps to be loved (or at least not to be in danger). According to some experts, this possibility makes pandas pleasant and enjoyable for people who once have seen them.

Anyway, these cuties have already become real devourers of hearts. And we absolutely love them.

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