Essay about theory of creation

Essay about theory of creation

The theory of creation
To date, there are dissimilar versions of human’s root on the planet. These’re both theoretical and alternative theories, and apocalyptic ones. A lot of people consider themselves the offsprings of angels or sacred forces, contrary to the convincing evidence of scholars and archaeologists. Authoritative historians deny this theory, as mythology, giving preference to other adaptation.

From hoary times man was the subject of studying the sciences of spirit and nature. Among sociology science is still a dialogue about the problem of being and the exchange of information. At the moment, scientists have given a person a specific definition. It is a biosocial being, which combines intelligence and instincts. It should be noted that not one person in the world is such a creation.

A parallel description can be attributed to some representatives of the fauna on the Earth with a stretch. Modern science clearly separates the biology and the essence of man. The exploration for the boundary between these components is dealt with by leading research institutes around the world. This field of science was called sociobiology. She looks deeply into the essence of man, revealing his natural and humanitarian peculiarities and advantages.
A holistic view of the social world is impracticable without the inclusion of data of his social philosophy. Today, a person is a creature that has an interdisciplinary character.

However, many people all over the world are concerned about another issue – its origin. For him thousands of years have been trying to answer scientists and religious one of the planet.
The question of the emergence of intelligent life on Earth attracts the attention of leading scientists of different specialties. Some people agree that the descent origin of man and society is not worthy of study, so everyone has their own theory of the extraction.

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  1. The community of highly developed civilizations, preparing for the transition to a subtle plan (death), prompted by the same as people leaving their children, genetically modified slowly evolving primates, endowing them with the DNA of each of the races.

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