Essay about theory of evolution

Essay about theory of evolution

Many people are fascinated by the question of the origin of life. When was the first life form created and how it happened? The most interesting thing in this topic is human appearance. While many choose to cling to a religion theory, others prefer an answer that is provided by a theory of evolution.

What exactly is the theory of evolution? It was first formulated in one of the most famous of Charles Darwin’s books called ‘On the Origin of Species’ in 1859. Although many people are familiar with a saying “survival of the fittest”, evolution is much more complicated. It is not necessarily about strength or athleticism.

Better a creature is able to survive and reproduce, more likely that it will continue to live as species. The theory also explained why organisms change over time. Small features become bigger and happen more often because they are keys to one’s survival. Those changes allow individuals adapt to the environment better and therefore raise more offspring.

By saying of the theory, many refer to a term ‘natural selection’. Apparently, it is the best way to describe the theory without difficult explanations. Some traits of a creature are more favored over others. No matter whether they are physical heritable or behavioral traits, when they are suited and helpful to the struggle for life, they will pass the evolution test.

For example, whales were probably land mammals at first. Darwin wrote about bears that could catch insects under water with their mouths open. He suggested that bears could evolve to a creature with an enormously big mouth such as whales. However, public reaction was very negative so Darwin decided not to include that part in his book.

The theory was proved by many scientific disciplines such as paleontology, geology, genetics and biology. Although human evolution is slow compared to technological advance, it is happening right now. Every day is a battle for the sake of survival and reproducing actual for every creature of Earth.

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  1. I think that everything is much more complicated. Of course, as a scientific hypothesis, the theory of evolution can be accepted, but no more. With the evidence base — the problem. As for the evolution of man, everything is very difficult there.

  2. The issue of the essay is one of the great importance. Of course, a range of different theories and studies should be displayed in order to give the full vision of the origin of life. But Darwin’s theory is the most plausible one, and the author explained it in a very short and simple way.

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