Essay about theory of personality

Essay about theory of personality

The theory of personality
Personage is not a purely psychological concept, and it is studied by all social sciences – philosophy, sociology, ethics, pedagogy, etc. Understanding the nature of personality contribute to literature, music, fine arts.
Personality plays a significant role in solving political, economic, scientific, cultural, technical problems, in general, in elevating the level of human existence.

The category of personality occupies one of the central places in modern scientific researches and in general minds. Thanks to the personality category there are opportunities for a holistic approach, system analysis and synthesis of general-psychological functions, processes, states, and human properties.

In psychological science, there is no generally accepted definition of the nature of personality. The era of active scientific study of personality problems can be divided into two stages. The first covers the period roughly coincides with the period of the formation of classical psychology. The second stage of research on personal problems began in the second half of the 19th century.

The most general characteristics of the personality are the integrity of the psycho-physiological organization, the stability in interaction with the surrounding world, activity. The sign of integrity points to the systemic nature of the links between the various functions and mechanisms that implement the vital attitudes of the personal.

Stability characterizes the preservation of the main relations of the personal to reality, while anticipating the existence of moments of plasticity, flexibility, variability. The activity of the individual, providing his ability to self-change, dialectically combines the dependence on the situation to overcome its direct effects.

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  1. Many sophisticated terms used in the article incite to study the subject of human personality more thoroughly. This is a difficult issue. But maybe we all need to be more aware of such things and take them into consideration in our everyday life.

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