Essay about theory of relativity

Essay about theory of relativity

The theory of relativity
The relativity’s theory is a theory from which you can find out how the world looks for people who race around the world at an extremely high speed. Moreover, its motion must be uniform and straightforward – no increase or decrease in speed and no deviation from the straight path is allowed.

At the heart of the special theory of relativity is a very simple idea: it is impossible to know in any way whether you really are moving or not. But if you develop this idea, it turns out that the consequences of such seemingly innocent start are stunning. It turns out that the world is radically different from the way you still have it.

Assume that divorced two brothers-twins: one remained on Earth, and the other went to the sublight spacecraft in a long interstellar journey, and then turned back. So, the theory of relativity asserts that at a meeting, the astronaut will be younger than his remaining brother on Earth.

But even in those cases where the special theory of relativity does not affect our imagination, it always modifies, and sometimes makes a radical revolution of the old theories. Some of its implications are of great practical importance for electronics, for nuclear power engineering. In general, it is necessary for a real understanding of space and time in which we live.

From these discussions, in the end, a new theory of gravity arises, which is somewhat more precise in Newtonian terms under normal conditions, and probably far exceeds it in extreme conditions. It does not have much practical application yet and may never happen to have it.
Nevertheless, the study of the general theory of relativity – this is one of the most exciting lessons that fall into the throes of a curious person. It gives us a sense of genuine understanding of the properties of space and time.

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  1. Does this make sense? What’s the point — to rack your brains? And then with the help of the device, do you check this? Perhaps there is, because it turned out that mathematical logic corresponds to the logic of physical experiments.

  2. If you live with this theory, you can go crazy. Why not just enjoy life? Yes, everything is relative in the world. For any situation, this theory can be modeled. Why do ordinary people need it?

  3. The theory of relativity is a very interesting and profound topic) But you in this article have beautifully stated all the theses of this theory in simple and understandable words. well done

  4. in the world and so everything is relative, as life-and death, even to take any modern game-even in it and a lot of relativity, if scientists would not have brought this theory of relativity-then humanity would still have defined it as something scientific and incredibly interesting!

  5. In fact, every theory is always different. How many scientists-so many opinions. And each of them is unique! With this article-I agree that a person will never know until the end of its speed and many other substances and creatures.

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