Essay about theory

Essay about theory

The theory
In accordance with the definitions of individual, there are many theories of individual. The theory is a system of interconnected ideas, constructs, and principles that explain certain observations of reality. Theories of personality have two functions: explain the behavior of man; predict man’s behavior.

The structure of the individual – it is its main blocks, immutable distinctive, which are inherent in a person always. The notion that man is the only organism is decisive in Adler’s psychology. The name of the theory itself, “individual psychology,” means an entity that can not be divided. An individual is a single entity in every manifestation of a person that moves towards growth and development.
Man strives for perfection, trying to achieve certain goals. It thus finds its place in the world. In addition to heredity, the environment in the formation of personality, Adler attached great importance to the creative power of man – it’s free, conscious activity. Leading in Adler’s theory is the provision according to which all human behavior takes place in a social context, and the essence of human nature can be understood only through the understanding of social relations.

Personality is not born, but becomes. With this view today most psychologists agree. However, with regard to the question of what laws obey the development of personality, there are different points of view.
Mental health is a criterion for assessing a healthy personality and the idea of a healthy lifestyle. Mental health of a person also has different views.

Changing individual through therapeutic influences, that is, finding ways to change personality, how to improve their competence. There are many psychotherapeutic areas that differ both in methods of influence and in the views of the author on the person.

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