Essay about time capsule

Essay about time capsule

Essay time capsule
Timetravelling topic has been discussed in many scientific circles. There’s a hypothesis about a time capsule. This thing is a special automatic launcher to different underworlds. The capsule sample can send people where they want. Programs are included into the whole system, controlling all its functions.

The display should depict the main positions and options, which lead the process of the travelling. Actually, if the inventors are able to make the wonderful machine, the humanity will get acquainted with other creatures from parallel dimensions. There is no doubt they exist like we do. We just don’t see them, because our perception differs from vibrations they make. Maybe the opportunity to visit various periods of time could change any events in the past. If we interfered in them , the direction would give us another result. It’s a theory now, though.

Returning to the capsule, it is important to notice that the mechanism has to provide not only with sending volunteers to their destination, but as well bring them back. It’s terrible if they stuck in a strange place for a while or for ever. Who can sacrifice his life for wild experiments, which don’t give a guarantee ? Anyway, we always find such brave people. They risk and go till the end. Without failures it’s impossible to gain a success. In fact there is no any confirmation that scientists managed to join algorithms together and invent the capsule.

Stories about travelling through time are heard, told and typed. But how can we trust them? It is difficult to imagine, that the set fit to the human’s length, will go through ages. This discovery would turn science conceptions about the worls structure. Today the idea of the trips in the time seems to be a wonder. However, people think that any crazy fancy can be realized if it’s worth it.

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  1. I recently bought a time capsule from the alloy steel-titanium, this capsule can lie forever (several centuries at least). In her hands, you feel that nothing will really happen to her after 300 years.

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