Essay about time is gold

Essay about time is gold

Essay time is gold
Time goes so fast that we don’t notice how we get old. Everything changes, including people, nature, lives. The average length of the human life is approximately 70 years. Of course, many people can’t find their own way during the whole lifetime. But this limit forces us to make choices. We decide what we want to be, then choose a husband or a wife.

When we become more or less independent, we look around and see such a picture: our faces aren’t so fresh, hair is grey, health gets worse. These are the features of the old age. It’s normal and we accustom to this fact. However, nobody wants to die in povеrty, in the street. That’s why people try to arrange their being before they feel powerless.

We are in a hurry because we know that the time won’t wait for us. It works on its personal way. The seasons change each other, generations too. The world sees different leaders, whether they’re called kings or presidents. New robots and machines are invented, the countries fight for land. Anyway, everything alive is mortal. We can’t stop the time. It doesn’t obey neither our wish, nor the force. Great empires disappeared from the surface of the planet when their time came.

To value the time means to catch with it. It can be confirmed, that the time is gold, because if you appreciate it you may do many things: biuld a house, grow a tree and bring up children. For this short period we have to manage to give our kids experience we’ve got and teach them useful skills.

Also in business the time is precious. Each minute is used to make a profit. Secretaries write down time-tables for their bosses, so that they are able to make a fortune and not to lose even a little amount of money. Here we should understand that the time will finish and value the dearest people we live with. We should learn how to enjoy our families, work, friends.

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