Essay about time is money

Essay about time is money

Time is money – expression which was said by Benjamin Franklin, American politician, inventor and writer. This statement has become an idiom. Franklin was right therefore his words is actual still on.
So sadly but our life is a very short thing. Every second, every minute we must to appreciate and don’t sit idly by. Life is just a series of moments.

Actually this moment can be chance to rise, chance to be better than one moment ago. But people realize too late the importance of time and losing him for nothing. Squander it all sorts of useless things: games, parties, laziness, memes, viral videos in Youtube and much more. Though everyone could spend this time with benefit. For example, search some useful information, develop business and make money. We so late understand all these things. So late that just can’t change something.

Time not stop and not return back. Need think about it when we young and full of energy, healthy, have incredible opportunities. Actually in young age we have chance to provide us and our children wonderful and cloudless life. People who didn’t lost their time in youth always get greater success in life. Such people have more knowledge, more life experience, more money and respect in society.

We can say in conclusion that time is not just a money, time is all that we have, the one thing we are not able to influence yet. Time is our life, life’s of our parents, friends, loved ones, our health, knowledge, success. Time is fleeting and goes faster than we can imagine. Our short lives are proof of that. And how we manage that time will determine our future.

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