Essay about time is precious

Essay about time is precious

Essay time is precious
Time flows as a river. Sometimes it reminds a fast stream, and often – a slow current. Nevertheless it doesn’t make stops. Sooner or later moments of happiness or sadness finish, there’s nothing that can stay permanent. Even mountains or oceans change their scales. Hours, minutes, seconds fly away without any regret. When we observe how the time passes we see that it goes imperceptibly. People usually expect something special, a special day, a significant date.

But actually each day is special. Maybe you won’t live tomorrow. So why don’t you evaluate today and now? Who told that you have to get ready for unusual moment? It may never come. That’s why we should always remember – the time is precious.

Busy people arrange their lives in a strict order. They plan everything. They can’t afford to waste their time for lazy being. Of course, these frames are too confusive, but it would be good to learn how to spend the time. More family events and holidays give us joy, making merry. Common vacation or work join us, too. Keeping this rule in mind doesn’t mean waiting for the end of the life, it shows that we are eager to share happy moments with each other. There’s no place for offends, crying, blames. We should learn to forgive close people.

The time doesn’t care if we catch up with it or not. It just continues to go. Short period of the human being is not enough to enjoy all positive emotions and feelings, to get experience, to find love and save the others. But at the same moment this period is sufficient to do many useful things. You can help people, giving them your warmth and care.

The limit of time forces us to be flexible and accomodate to the furious pace, in which the things happen. Mostly people rush in big cities, trying to come in time and cope with work, because they know that if they tarry over anything, their train will leave.

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