Essay about time machine

Essay about time machine

Essay about time-machine
Fantastic films always show us pictures of the future, when people will manage to invent a time- machine. It will bring a new step in development of the human society, because timetravelling will be possible. This machine will be able to move its passengers to various planets in any parts of our galaxy. Maybe not only in our, but to neighbour galaxies, too.

Visiting the period of dinosaurs existence, Middle Ages will be similar to trips around Europe, while buying a tour across its famous countries. We will watch aliens and previous generations, learn their lifestyle and values, even have a subject at school, devoted to the time shifting. People can believe in any nonexistent thing until it is in the imagination. Sometimes the ideas come true and fancies become real. If the rockets of the high speed can cover a huge distance for several minutes, why can’t the special know-how shift us to other dimensions? The history demonstrates many examples when ordinary dreams were realized by sudden discoveries. The universe is full of mysteries. It’s a great enigma.

The function of the time-machine is to deliver objects or subjects to different places and time periods. The safe fulfillment of the work should provide users with an exact implementation of what they need. It can have any shape, a cabine, a capsule or just special premises. The process should be controled by a professional group of scientists. They have to watch after the efficiency of the devices. If there’s any break down, they must fix it. This team has to keep a contact with probationares to support them and direct in a case of danger or a risk.

Time-machine building will become a new branch of the industry. First rich people will wish to entertain and go back to the past or ahead to the future. There will be long lines of those, who are interested in that kind of amusement. So, the future with new prerogatives is not as far as we suppose.

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  1. I think that the model of the wormhole proposed by Einstein, as one of the solutions of his gravity field equations, is the key to understanding how the world around us is made: from atoms to galaxies. The principle is the same, it is a time loop on the model of mole transitions.

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