Essay about time management

Essay about time management

Time management is a really useful skill today, I can even say that it is completely necessary. We live in a fast high-tech time when you need to do a lot of things. Unfortunately, not always it turns out. Planning time helps with this difficult task. According to statistics, almost every successful person has at least basic skills of time management, so in this article I would like to tell you some interesting things about it.

The base of time management is control over superfluous things, usually taking the most of valuable free time. There are many ways to make this process easier and more enjoyable. The most popular is daily planner. Everyone can choose a nice one out of hundreds kinds and variants. All what you will need is this special notebook and a pen.

Every evening you should write out the tasks for tomorrow, just like a «to do list». You can use one page for a week or for a day – it depends on you, in particular how much detail you are going to record. There is an important piece of advice – break every big goal into a few small tasks. Our brain perceive them better.

The another idea is to make the daily planner a beautiful book with some stickers, drawings, colorful texts etc. This will encourage you to open it again and again, not to throw permanently.

The most effective way to become more productive is to take a little brake after the completion of every task. It usually helps to organize information on the subconscious level. While you will be relaxing, you can read a few articles on abstract topics or do some exercise – whatever you want, but not related to your daily tasks, otherwise it will have no meaning.

In the conclusion I would like to take stock of everything I said earlier. Time management is one of the most important skill for everyone from businessmen to teacher. Tine is money, so everyone should appreciate it and treat with respect to it.

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  1. I read the article and realized that I do not know how to rest, I have the same days, both workers and weekends. It is necessary to try to allocate necessarily to itself the day off, can then it will turn out to organize the time.

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