Essay about time travelling

Essay about time travelling

Essay Timetravelling
For ages humanity tried to find a way to travel across the time. A dream to go to different epochs, whether in the past or in the future, attracted many scientists. Inventors worked on a creation of a time machine. That apparatus should have been able to send people to various centuries. Enthusiasts believed it was possible to control the time as they do with other substances. But until now their discoveries were far from the ideal machine.

A theory of time travelling was worked out long ago. On its basis a lot of films were made. Plots of the movies realized fantastic images, showing advetures of brave people who were not afraid to risk their lives and return to the time of their predecessors’ existence or to the future years. The future is supposed to be an era of technology and robotics. That’s why it sems to be not less dangerous than previous foxes.

In general the idea to travel in many periods has useful and harmful sides. We can’t correct the world history, preventing wars or important events that had already passed. We can’t turn the time back as well. But those who fancy making the time machine are sure this question will be solved. So many experiments were held, much amounts of money were spent for inventions. Physics and engineers don’t give up designing a construction with a high frequency mechanism. They hope there’s a step, parting them from a great discovery and sometime they will find a way to make it work.

A couple of centuries ago we couldn’t imagine that huge metal planes would be able to carry big masses over the sky. Now it’s not strange. Perhaps our sceptic views will change if the inventors build this kind of traffic, and we will be able to visit not only places, but ancient times. Maybe our universe has got such opportunities to turn over the reality, but the humanity is unaware of it. Who knows?

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  1. There are many such cases. Traveling in time is likely to be real, and looking at the facts that are publicly available in this can be seen. However, scientists have not yet managed to move in time.

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