Essay about time

Essay about time

Essay about time
Time is an essention that can’t be stopped. It fulfils its own mission, absorbing good and bad events, happening in the world. Nothing is eternal before the face of the time. People are born and die, plants grow and fade, great empires are created and disappear throughout the centuries.

Days change nights, months run one after another, the sun and the moon count the coming of a new period.
Humanity invented special measurements to define the time, e.g. seconds, minutes, hours. These categories make easy the calculation process. So the school year lasts nine months. Each season – nearly 90 days. Everything submits to the frameworks of time. Even a person loses beauty when he gets old. Sometimes it seems that the time goes too fast or, on the contrary, very slowly. The thing depends of an attitude to item, which is expected to occur.

Time hasn’t got emotions, it’s merciless. One more specific characteristic of the time is impossibility to turn it back. What has passed can’t be corrected. The past leaves beyond, only the memory helps to remember happy or sad moments. Time is a movement ahead. It looks forward. It is interesting to watch how the time influences on our planet.

At first, we are unable to know the actual beginning of the time as it’s unreal to imagine if it will ever finish. Time sets the limit to labour, rest and sleep. They say: it’s time to get married, it’s time to forgive, it’s time to go home. Life is short according to the time. That’s why people rush to do something important – have children, make a career, find themselves. They’re afraid their time will be off. Actually time reminds of a kind of judge: it blunts the pain, it erases the recollections.

Evaluating an opportunity to enjoy our families and friends, making decisions, sharing joy is the main skill we must learn. And the time plays a prominent role here, because it forces us to catch the best impressions of the life, trying to become kinder and more patient.

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