Essay about timeline

Essay about timeline

Essay about timeline
We think that we have a lot of time. As far as you know, time is money. We don’t even know how much time we waste every day. But what can we do with it? Is there a way to avoid such a bad habit? The answer is yes. This is a timeline.
The timeline is a good way of keeping your time in safety.

If you follow the timeline you have, you won’t be able to waste it, anyway. This thing helps all the people around the world. Those people, who are not well-organized, can make their own timeline which prevent them from wasting their time.

What are the methods of making a timetable or a timeline? First of all, you have to concentrate on a habitual way of your living and find out the things that are not necessary at all. Get rid of them and you will see how it easy to save you time. It can be a timeline for a day or for a week, whatever.

You should also develop a sense of priorities. It will help you to realize what is important for you and what is not. It is vital for a schoolboy or a student to divide their time in order to have some fun besides classes and homework. Don’t forget to take into account how fast you do some things. In case you ignore such a feature, you will do everything for nothing and your timeline will be useless.
Moreover, it is a good skill for a person who wants to find a good job. Every employer wants to have such a person who can divide his time during a work day in a proper way. You can also name this skill during an interview.

Don’t be afraid of changing your timeline. There are a lot of unpredictable things that may happen to you during the day. However, you shouldn’t forget about your health too. The main rule is that you must devote some time for relax. Nowadays people don’t pay a lot of attention to their health, which can be fatal for them later.

So to summaries, we can surely say that timeline is a good thing which helps to organize our life, but we shouldn’t forget about resting too.

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  1. Time-This is the path from the past to the present and the future. And you are talking mainly about the measurement of time. Units of measurement are many, and only the smallest interval from the past to the present possible in the Consciousness possesses an accuracy, a stably repeating and fixable process.

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