Essay about tourism

Essay about tourism

Lots of people are fond of travelling. Everyone eventually is getting bored of the one and only surrounding, the same people they see every day, it can be frustrating. Seeing new places is always exciting and so much fun! But travelling also serves another purpose – educational. You not only get to learn new things from different cultures, but also share your own.

Tourism can differ though. Even knowing that most people travel to have fun, there is a huge percentage of those, who make business trips, travelling because of their work. Usually trips like that last not very long and aren’t filled with lots of sightseeing.
Depending on your purpose of travelling tourist operators could advise you with the best program, that would allow you to save some money and your time. Actually, because of the tremendous variety of different ways of transportation people now can go practically anywhere. Honestly, now we can witness a huge amount of possibilities in front of us which sometimes makes it hard to choose where you want to go.

If you hesitate which place to choose to pay a visit, you can always go to tourism bureau where you’ll get qualified help from operators and you won’t need to bother booking your tickets and hotels – everything will be done for you.
But some people still prefer choosing everything by themselves. Because honestly, using help from travel agent, there is a risk that you will overpay a bit. And of course agencies always take some percentage of the whole sum for their assistance.

Probably the best way to travel somewhere is knowing that you have friends in that country, who will show you around and help with accommodation. And of course they won’t let you get into any kind of trouble because of not knowing laws of that particular country.

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