Essay about transport

Essay about transport

It is hard to imagine the world where we don’t have any kind of transport. I strongly believe, that it’s the best human invention after the Internet. It seems like we had transport since the yearly times. Sure, it has been a lot more primitive, but it simplified humans’ lives in many ways, like, allowing transporting huge stones or fallen trees to big distances.

Now public transport is automatic and sometimes doesn’t even need human intervention. Soon we’ll even have cars that will be driving us automatically, which is great and could solve many problems for disabled people, per say.

Another great advantage of modern ways of transportation is the speed of it. We now have trains that drive so fast but you can’t even feel it, sitting inside, which is very comfortable, I must admit. Not to mention planes! Who would’ve thought, let’s say two hundred years ago, that people would be able to fly! And that this way of travelling would eventually become the most popular, fast and safe?

Everyday there is something new invented. Our transport becomes faster and faster each day, staying also safe. I guess the most important thing while using any kind of transport, be it public or personal, one should not forget about the rules and not endanger himself nor everyone around. Keeping your ego back while driving at the high speed is very important.

I am very curious to see what future holds for us in terms of engineering. Maybe we’ll have flying cars or even teleports! Who knows? But it would be absolutely amazing to be able to travel in matters of seconds. But if being honest, our technologies already made a huge step ahead, allowing us experience things we couldn’t even think about ears ago. And we already should be thankful for that, hopefully looking into the future and what it brings to us.

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