Essay about traveling

Essay about traveling

Essay about traveling
Nowadays world is quite huge and interesting. No wonder that there are a lot of famous places to visit. It won’t be difficult to go to another part of the world anytime you want. It will take you a day at least. Our predecessors couldn’t imagine that it would be possible to travel so fast. That would sound like a fantasy for them. Well, the question is that not everyone can afford such a trip. Is it even possible to travel for free? Let us see.

There are some common ways of traveling, which you probably know about. One of the most popular is traveling by car. It is convenient to use a car, when the distance is not very long. You can easily stop your car anytime you want in order to have some dinner or rest.

The second one is traveling by plane. If you are not afraid of height, it will totally suit you. The distance is not important anymore and you will spend less time than if you were traveling by car. The main disadvantage is that not everyone can afford even the cheapest sit like in economy class. This way of traveling is the safest, in spite of the fact that air crashes happen from time to time.

The third one is traveling by train. You can be calm with this one, in case you have fear of height and so on. It is cheaper to use a train, but it will take you longer to get wherever you want.

But what about the cheapest way of traveling? Does it exist? The answer is not quite surprising, because every modern traveler should know about hitchhiking. Everything that you will need is a tent in your bag right on your shoulders and a partner. There is no need to mention many times that hitchhiking is dangerous too. You never know who a driver of a car actually is. Don’t forget to warn you relatives, if you are going to travel on your own.

Our life is too short to spend it on working or studying day-to-day. So, give up everything and start your exciting journey.

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