Essay about TV news

Essay about TV news

Essay about TV news
We start our morning not only with a cup of coffee or tea. There is one more thing that is important too. This thing helps us to get to know the real facts and different incidents in a home country and all over the world too. This is about TV news or news broadcasting.
The first news broadcasting took place in the USA in late 1930th. It didn’t last too long, approximately three months. But the predecessors of the TV news ware newspapers and radio broadcasting.

The main part of a broadcasting consists of different events such as ceremonies, celebrations, crimes, emergency situations, reports on various events and so on. This part is supposed to e the most informative.
The weather broadcasting can be short or long. It depends upon on-air time. It could be a full-on weather forecast which presented by a presenter or a forecaster. This forecast accompanied by visual graphic and different effects in order to show some changes for a few next days or a whole week.

The sport news is based on information about tournaments, sport events that are going at the very time or will take place in the nearest future. You may see different sport posters and stands during this news.

The main problem of today’s news broadcasting all over the world is fake news. There is a criminal responsibility for such news in democratic countries. But in countries, where a totalitarian regime takes place, you can’t be sure in news veracity. Such countries have a lack of freedom of speech and reporters and journalists who want to shed some light on the truth can be prosecuted, arrested or eve killed.

In order to protect ourselves against fake information we should check it in different sources. It doesn’t whether you watch news on TV or on the Internet. You should always remember that information is a powerful weapon and if you have it you own the whole world.

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