Essay about TV show friends

Essay about TV show friends

Essay about TV show friends
TV show friends – it was a real hit in the 1990s American TV series narrated about the life of some friends. The actors of this “show” for a long time sunk into the hearts of the Russian audience in the era of TV and tape.

One of the brightest stars of the series was Jennifer aniston, who played the role of Rachel green (selfish). The girl was very narcissistic, which caused waves of negative emotions in the viewer, condemnation. Most likely, this heroine did not want to be like a girl just because of her character. She had a beautiful appearance (she was the number 1 beauty in the series).

Ross Geiler is another hero of the show. It’s called the adoration of all the girls. His posts were kept by many girls, some even secretly. The main feature of the character of this character-his touching. The boy (Ross) was born into a Jewish family. He had a younger sister who was all his childhood rival until they grew up. I must say that Geiler was not like a stereotypical Jew, as his parents were not jealous of their faith and led an ordinary American way of life, which greatly facilitated the boy’s life. As an adult, the young man decides to engage in science about dinosaurs.

Ross existed as much as 10 seasons of the insanely popular series of the era of video recorders.
The series is positive, filled with humor. Many actors, such as Jennifer aniston gave way to the cinema, raised the stairs to the top of popularity.

The series is a visual aid of human relations. It has love, and anger, and hatred, and drama, and Comedy. Most likely, all this influenced the popularity of the show. The Russian audience, who had not seen such films before because of the” iron curtain”, for the first time was able to come into contact with the life and culture of American boys and girls. This gave rise to both fans of Western cinema, and opponents.

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  1. Friends is one of my favourite TV show. I watched it 5 or 6 times. First time as a kid) I remember like came back from school, ate my dinner and watched it. For that time I liked Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay. He seemed to be so cool and funny and she was leftie as me

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