Essay about TV show

Essay about TV show

Essay about TV show
Television plays one of the first roles in Mass Media. It forms people’s points of view, directing their out-looks, persuades them to follow the manners which are proclaimed in popular programs. As the spectators are involved into the process of watching, it’s easier to force them turn in zombies.

The level of trust to idols or people they like and admire, makes them obey principals and even imitate tastes, preferences, mistakes of their favorites. Public becomes open to be ruled. The audience is too fool to understand that TV reigns their thinking and feeling modules.

At first a show is tried on, and the creators watch people’s reaction: whether they accept a new idea or not. If no, the producers make some efforts to press the main buttons which always work: they demonstrate romantic relationship, quarrels, fears, victories, diseases. So to say all things that include human interests. Then the show continues to obtain fans, it’s often advertised or praised. When a big part of those who watch it is conquered, the half of the affair has been done. Celebrities, famous actors, writers, singers are invited to the studio to make the audience move. It gets excited and in such a mood good presenters go on starting up the rest of the performance.

It is a business, because any project is financed and the sponsors want to achieve definite goals: sometimes to collect money, sometimes to increase somebody’s rate. TV shows carry psychological loadings, they engage people and at the same time entertain them. They can also inspire a person to change his life, start studying or working, keep on a diet etc. They are useful when the information you get is directed onto the improvement and prosperity. So, we have to sort out what to listen and watch, remember that any broadcasting influences on our perception and future.

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