Essay about TV

Essay about TV

There is no doubt that for the last couple of years television had become one of the main sources of information. Even the invention of the Internet couldn’t make it fully disappear. Some people claim that television is a disaster of twenty first century, designed to make the population dumber and more inactive. But is it really so? Let’s find out!

Television’s origins can be found in the late nineteenth and the beginning of twentieth centuries. The very first documented usage of the word “television” goes back to 1900 when a hard work of a Russian scientist named Constantin Perskiy finally paid off. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can forget about the work of all the scientists before him! It is believed, that television had been invented long before that, but due to some disagreements (some scientists wanted to patent this invention and then try to earn a fortune with it) the actual release of it to the outer world was delayed.

Now television plays a major role in our lives, it allows us keeping up to date with modern news, not only in our own country, but also abroad. It is a major entertainment tool – lots of TV shows are known worldwide and became a part of a modern cultural legacy.

But when it comes to television, it’s extremely important that one is able to filter the actually useful information from so-called informational “noise”. Lots of old people just sit in from of their TV thoughtlessly watching anything that comes on the screen. The same thing about kids. When it comes to watching TV programs, parents’ advisory is highly recommended, just to make sure that your child’s mind won’t degrade.

But with smart usage, I think, that television is a rather useful invention, making our lives easier day by day and teaching us lots of new and useful things from the famous “blue screen”.

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