Essay about violent TV shows

Essay about violent TV shows

Violent on TV shows
Nowadays TV broadcasts many multifarious TV shows and they don’t even try to pass violence, because unfortunately it’s the main food for spectators. Tremendous waves of cruelty swamped modern society. Television has much greater impact on human’s mind, than it seems to us. Children nowadays are brought up on reality shows, which censorship bypasses.

Expansion of violence in films and on TV, in computer games and modern music is the main reason for the general hardening of the current youth. However, in view of the universal introduction of mass consciousness to products of precisely this nature, the prospects for its prohibition unfortunately are doomed to failure.

The possibilities of television in shaping the personality in comparison with other resources are enormously large. We must learn to correctly determine the role of television in our lives, so as not to become his slaves. People should influence mass media, not vice versa. If the popularity of the shows or films with scenes of violence decrease, they will not be produced.

A clear connection has been established between television scenes and the aggression of children. So parents are required to monitor not only the time spent by the children at the computer, but also the programs that they watch on TV. Filter programs are important and necessary, so as not to break the unformed psyche of the child.

Parents should be educated with themselves. It is necessary to condemn transfers with violence, to explain to children all the absurdity of this form of behavior. The exceptionally timely prevention can protect the younger generation – our future. And then the violent scenes will disappear from the TV screens, instead it will promote a healthy lifestyle, sport and politeness – which is so lack in the world throughout its existence.

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