Essay about war and peace

Essay about war and peace

Essay about war and peace
The problem of war has always been very important all over the world. Some people think that war is really horrible and people should do something to avoid it, but others are sure that it is not important nowadays. Now I would like to express my point of view on this problem.

Governments can solve different problems without violence and wars, usually they don’t think about the effects on their nations. A huge number of wars destroyed a lot of cities and they caused deaths of millions of people. What is more, in every war one power loses and it means, that with time this power will become more aggressive, and in future this will cause more and more violence inside it. And if the government doesn’t think about how to find a compromise without using power, why should people think about it.

Nowadays our lives are surrounded by political conflicts, and we can’t always know what will happen tomorrow. But all of us can try to be polite and to solve problems without violence. If everybody thought about it, our world would me more peaceful. And after a years of such life, people will be able to help and trust each other again, for example.

However, some people think that lives of the majority of people do not depend on events taking place in the world. I can’t agree with this opinion, problems of another countries rarely affect on our everyday life, but we should always remember that such horrible things can happen with us at any moment.

For example, during the World War II 80% of the world population were involved and 65 millions of people died into it. Everybody know, that the majority of these people had no idea what was happening, but they were forced to die. They lived quietly and nothing foreshadowed evils, so may be in today’s troubled world we should to do something to protect our future from the war.

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