Essay about war effects

Essay about war effects

Essay about war effects
The word war arose a long time ago, probably since Cain killed Abel. War usually arises as a response to actions that are contrary moral and spiritual laws. There is always an attacking force and there are those who are trying to protect themselves and their country. On the part of attackers, war is a way of gaining power and property, introducing their interests on foreign territory.

Persons who cross the line do not value freedom and the right to life and the peaceful existence of enslaved people. It’s wrong, you have to deal with others as you want, so that they do to you.

Leaders of dangerous organizations never think about the fact that most often in any war unarmed people, women and children, old people suffer. They cannot put themselves in their place, think about the fact that their family could also be in a similar situation. But what about the feeling of compassion in the attackers, if it does not exist, then humanity does not remain in such persons. Then the defenders of their country act correctly, responding with weapons to the actions of the invaders.

If you do not protect the world, then it will simply perish. Unfortunately, it has always been like this, and now the same thing continues. No wonder it was said, if you want peace, prepare for war. However, there are different ways of doing war, different methods of defense. In ancient times a man took a sword, which was always considered a noble weapon, in contrast to modern machines and other equipment.

Now a person can destroy whole cities at the touch of a button. The very possibility of chemical attacks, of atomic weapons frightens, it is necessary for all to abandon such ruthless to all living weapons. It is unlikely that mankind will give up the war, this vice is, and it is not so easy to overcome it. But we need to remember what a code of honor is, if it was even a pirate.

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