Essay about war on drugs in the philippines

Essay about war on drugs in the philippines

Essay on the war on drugs in the Philippines
In 2016, the Philippines started a bloody war with drug traffickers, which killed about 600 thousand people.
The West, of course, condemned such as an act of “terrible” evil, but President Rodrigo Duterte severely threatened the UN with the release of his country from the organization.

This is the correct position of the President, who is concerned about the state of his nation and his country. Destroying drug dealers, he “revived” his nation.

When the Philippines automatically became a “pariah”, the country had to make a choice: to try to establish relations with the West or to establish relations with Russia and the East. Establishing ties with Russia is a profitable way for any country, so the US and the EU countries make a big mistake, alienating countries from themselves, in their opinion, not the first “grade”. They automatically get to the rank of the opposing country to the whole West and join the eternal struggle of the East and the West for the domination of values.

The UN condemned the Philippines for violating human rights. Is it appropriate to talk about human rights in relation to a murderer who daily dooms more than a dozen new people to death who start taking drugs? Probably not. The President of the Philippines had been healing his country, and that was commendable, since many families had been rescued and many Filipinos had been spared the terrible opportunity to try the drug. The West benefits when the country is experiencing unrest or genocide, especially for the United States. The initiator of such genocide, most likely, was this country. But the resistance of the President of the Philippines is a feeling of genuine respect.

Of course, the fight against drug traffickers is President dutert’s achievement. He proved to be a people’s advocate and patriot of his country. Ties with Russia will benefit the Philippines and Russia.

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  1. The city looks like a prison with the CCTV and curfews. Guards telling teenagers over loud speaker to put their shirts on or risk having the police harass them. Citizens knowing neighbors are getting murdered while detained & wearing handcuffs. Chilling to see that there is no due process in their country to prove they had committed a crime or resisted arrest. This is what genocide looks like. They labeled them drugs addicts and drug dealers without proof.

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