Essay about war on drugs

Essay about war on drugs

Essay about war on drugs
According to the majority drugs are one of the worst things in the world, but let’s think why people decide so?
First of all, this side of view we hear everywhere and every day, for example, in the school, in the news on TV, on the job, in newspapers and etcetera. On the one side, it’s a correct behavior, but on the other hand there is a question why government tries so hard to protect people of the drugs using.

News tell us that drugs users can become more aggressive, stupid, looped on the drugs and absolutely abnormal. They can begin to stole and kill for getting more and more money. But in reality suck kind of people is only a miserable part of all users. Most of people you can’t make out, because they look like absolutely ordinary. They don’t do something bad, they can have a big friendly family and so on.
Police try to find such people, they try to find drug dealers and punish them. Generally governments didn’t try to care about people and their health, they think only about how they can easier save control over society. They are just afraid. People, who use drugs, can gradually become more independent and brave.

Of course, drugs can horrible affect on people, but besides together with uncontrollability, addiction, poor health and aggression they get some freedom. Freedom of thoughts and freedom of action, they can become a danger to society control. That’s why there is so clear promotion of information how bad is it. But it can cause a really big problems, and you should fight against them by yourself.
Let’s think how we can contribute war on drugs and help drug users. Nowadays there are a lot of hospitals, in which people can get some help in fight against dependence. In many cases drugs can lead to high danger to heath. And it’s very important to ask for help in time to save a life. So if you suspect your friend or member of your family of using drugs, contact the clinic or a doctor as fast as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Essay about war on drugs”

    1. News can be more aggressive, stupid, fixated on drugs and completely abnormal. They can start stealing and killing for more and more money. But actually sucking people is just a miserable part of all users. Most people you can not make out, because they look absolutely ordinary. They do not do anything wrong, they can have a big family and so on.
      The police are trying to find such people, they are trying to find drug dealers and punish them. I think they did not try to take care of people and their health at all. They are simply afraid. People who use drugs can become more independent and bold.

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