Essay about war

Essay about war

War depreciates the world’s greatest value – life. This is a tragedy for both the winners and the losers. The most global war in world history is the second world war, as several countries of the world took part in it, never before this terrible event, there were so many victims, sorrow, tears.

The war knocked on every house, took away the best sons, husbands, fathers. Thousands of people have been through this horror, they have endured infernal torment, died for freedom of the motherland, they are heroes, because they stood and won in the most difficult war that humanity suffered.

War is the crippled life of millions of innocent people, a broken future, happiness, a lost carefree childhood, youth. These are terrible crimes, terrible experiences on living people, these are burnt cities, villages, mined fields and camps, this is the fear that has engulfed the entire planet. No interests and ambitions do not justify mass murders, bullying, the second such horror the world simply will not survive, humanity will not survive!

All the authorities and peoples of different countries fought against fascism. Every veteran, now, is afraid to remember all the horror that he had to endure, all those terrible events survived, it is difficult and painful to remember, they would very much like to erase from their memory horrible pictures of murders and tortures.
The war reminds you that you always need to be prepared for the worst, you need to remain strong, persistent, and be able to protect loved ones.

The war is the most ridiculous, the most deadly, the most ruthless and most terrible thing people could think of. It is necessary to leave in the past such a way of fighting for power, to leave the war in historical novels and films, because it only carries death, unbearable pain, hunger, loss, bitter tears, suffering, hard sorrow, loneliness.

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